Why Choose Forecross?

Even though Forecross has the best technology, that's only one of the things that differentiates us from all the others. The success of major IT projects is also based on the teams who are brought together to achieve the goals. People, their conduct, and their core values also have a major impact on a project's outcome. We believe you should choose Forecross not only because we have exceptional technology, but also because we earned the best reputation as a trusted partner in helping organizations' continuing evolution to Digital Business and we have the references to prove that.

Our Mission    Our Vision    Our Core Values

Our Mission

Forecross is dedicated to providing the best automated legacy modernization solutions to IT organizations and systems integrators worldwide, where best is based on client needs, collaboration, and a commitment to success.

Our Vision

At Forecross, iterative learning and innovation are our lifeblood. They are the framework for everything we do, from developing new products to managing each client engagement. The fabric of the Forecross picture is our team of amazing individuals and the core values we embrace daily - integrity, teamwork, honest communication, and professional curiosity in all we do.

Our Core Values


Forecross is committed to the motto of 'Say what you do, do what you say'. Our words and commitments matter and are the foundation of our excellent reputation. This includes our fixed price bids. Our deep knowledge of legacy modernizations allows us to provide accurate fixed price quotes and deliver each project on budget - with no change orders, no surprises, no unexpected cost overruns.

We deliver what we promise. Our high ethical standards are one of the things that we believe differentiate us from the competition.


The hallmark of a successful legacy modernization is that the client and Forecross build one highly integrated, collaborative team. Forecross has worked with more than 150 client teams and made lasting friendships in the process. There is no 'vendor' or 'client' on the team, no 'us' or 'them'. We focus significant attention on ensuring that the combined team is fully engaged and empowered to do whatever it takes to ensure success.

Honest Communication

Forecross believes that surprises are best left to birthday parties and baby announcements - they have no place in a legacy modernization project. We are committed to timely, open and clear communication, to delivering bad news immediately and with suggestions for mitigation or avoidance, to being realistic in all estimates, and to over-delivering on our commitments.

Professional Curiosity

At Forecross, we believe that expertise can add significant value today, but curiosity fuels our future and allows us to better serve our clients. Our employees feel that learning something new is an important part of their daily lives, they take things apart to see how they work and they attack puzzle-solving with gusto! Curiosity is the most important incubator of innovation at Forecross.