Convert Products

The Forecross suite of conversion products are the best in the market. A few key points:


Let Forecross be the company you call when you're thinking about modernizing your applications from pre-relational databases to a relational database (e.g. IDMS to DB2 or IDMS to SQL). We can make sure that your IDMS-DB to DB2 conversion, IDMS-DB to SQL conversion, IDMS-DB to Oracle conversion, or IDMS-DB migration to any other relational database is successful. We can also do the same for a VSAM conversion to ANSI standard SQL environments including DB2, Oracle, or MS SQL Server. Choosing Forecross means:

  • You get a true relational SQL database design - with all of the primary and foreign keys properly implemented
  • No "junction" tables are needed to implement SQL relationships so your converted applications will have excellent performance with no unnecessary I/O.
  • You get a guarantee that no data will be left behind during the ETL process
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Additionally, Forecross has developed a set of Modernization Tools that work in conjunction with Convert/DB.

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Modernization Tools


If you want to convert from a 3rd or 4th generation language such as ADS/O, CSP, COBOL or PL/I to C# .NET, VB .NET, IBM EGL (Java), or .NET COBOL, it means:

  • There are no 'black box' tools or run-time routines for you to maintain or depend on after the migration is complete
  • The generated code uses easy-to-maintain, industry-standard application programming techniques
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User Interface

If you plan to migrate from an older user interface such as IDMS-DC to CICS it means:

  • You get 100% pseudo-conversational programs - NO exceptions
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