Custom Modernization Solutions

In addition to our off-the-shelf Convert Product Suite, we also collaborate with strategic business partners to deliver end-to-end solutions that our clients want and need.

We also develop custom-designed conversion tools (from any source to any target environment) based on our unique XCODE technology. When designing a custom conversion product, we build a project plan and schedule that allows you to provide significant specification input and yet receive an initial version of the conversion software within a short period of time. We also provide you with conversion project planning, training, and on-site expert technical consulting. We use the six-phase process described below:

Collaborative Solutions

The strong alliances that Forecross has with its business partners have helped us deliver effective solutions to many of our clients.

Our collaborations with business partners come in many forms:

  • System integrators looking for automated migration services for part of a larger project
  • Consuting companies with established client relationships who have the knowledge and expertise to assist with such tasks as project management, development of test scripts, testing services, and implementation support
  • Technology companies with products and/or tools that provide
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Custom Architected Solutions

Forecross Corporation's superior XCODE technology in combination with our expert project team is the key to our ability to successfully meet our customer needs - even when our off-the-shelf Convert Product Suite and business partner tools aren't enough and you need more than a standard IDMS to DB2 or IDMS to SQL solution.

Through all the phases of a custom architected solution project - planning, assessment, conversion, quality assurance, shipment, testing, training, and production turnover support - Forecross knows what it takes to make a project successful and we have the experience to prove it!

So, if you already know that an automated migration is the right solution for your needs, but the right tools don't exist yet, let us use our technology to create the perfect solution for you.

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Custom Modernization Projects