Architected for Success

Software Product versus Software Solution

We believe a solution is designed not simply to withstand change but to embrace it. Software product evolution is still a 'bolted onto the outside' affair when in fact, the mechanisms to support ongoing and sometimes radical change, must be baked in from the start.

All Forecross solutions are built on a series of modular parsing, analysis and transformation engines we call XCODE, that interface with client-specific, customizable rules engines to create fully automated, functionally equivalent applications in the target environment.

New releases of Forecross software are typically the result of adapting proven client-specific rules into the XCODE engines, thereby offering future clients a better baseline solution where few or no unique rules need to be defined.

Because our software and migration methodology are constantly informed by hands-on project experience and client requirements, each Forecross migration solution is far superior to our competitors in four main areas: Database Definition (Schema) Conversion, Data Conversion, Program Conversion, and Automated Testing Support.

We also offer a vendor comparison checklist to facilitate your evaluation process: Vendor Comparison

Database Definition (Schema) Conversion

Data Conversion

Program Conversion

Automated Testing Support

Forecross has two unique testing tools, TestSentinel™ and I/O Navigator™, which can dramatically decrease testing time - usually the biggest and costliest part of any migration project.

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