MAPS - Migration Alternatives Planning Seminar

What are your options for moving existing systems to a new environment (e.g. IDMS to DB2 or IDMS to SQL)? As a leading authority on software migrations, Forecross can help you figure that out.

The options that need to be considered for most applications include:

Forecross has a great deal of experience in assisting our customers in such analysis and it's our goal to:

  1. Educate you regarding the migration options generally available, the methods used to evaluate these alternatives for each application, how to assess the costs, risks and benefits of each alternative, and the components of project planning that are unique to a migration project.

  2. Learn everything possible about the subject applications that affect the migration decision, such as size, complexity, database structure, maintainability, interfaces to other applications or systems, degree of conformance with standards and structure of related strategic systems, degree to which the application meets end-user demands, responsiveness of the application to change, etc.

  3. Recommend alternatives based on our in-depth experience in software conversions and what we learn from the assessment of your code and during the onsite seminar
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