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Forecross Signs 672,000 Euro Legacy Modernization Contract

October 27, 2009

Contact: Pat Dittmar (Pat@forecross.com)

San Francisco, California: Forecross® Corporation, a legacy-to-web and XML solutions company announced that it has signed a contract with a global technology and consulting company for the conversion of certain CA-IDMS applications on behalf of its client - a bank in Belgium. The contract, which will be paid in Euros, has fixed value of 672,000€.

This project, which is part of a much larger infrastructure modernization effort already under way, is currently expected to take six to nine months to complete. Forecross will convert mainframe-based CA-IDMS applications and data to the Oracle relational database management system on a Solaris (Unix) platform, and will also provide technical support during the testing and production implementation phases.

"This project will be supported by our new Falcon Test Center, where we can test many of the converted programs before delivery to the client. We look forward to a streamlined project where speed and accuracy are the hallmarks," commented Bernadette Castello, Senior Vice President.

Forecross Corporation, founded in 1982 as a high-technology software development laboratory, is dedicated to the design and development of innovative conversion software to re-deploy and sustain legacy applications on the Internet. Clients have included such leading corporations as Aetna Life Insurance Company, Brown Brothers Harriman & Company, Charles Schwab & Co., the University of California at San Diego, the State of New Jersey, IBM Corporation and Bank of America NTSA for its migration software services.

On Behalf of the Board of Directors,

Bernadette C. Castello
Senior VP, CFO
Forecross Corporation

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